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Printer Trade is a company that has been operating for over 10 years in the ICT sector through service sales, regeneration, repair and development of hardware products. The main customers of Printer Trade are  companies whose core business is supporting entire parks in Office, Banking, and ATM.
In a rapidly changing market like electronic and electromechanical, in wich the contents are combined with the latest technology, the Printer Trade is a landmark characterized as a leader in providing advanced laboratory 2nd level of ITC products of major consumer brand.
In 2009 comes a new division of research and development for the ATM banking sector , where the need of having to increasingly strong counter fraud at ATMs has led us to create a team of experts technicians of ATM, ready to develop and create solutions to contrast main fraud such as cash card trapping and trapping.
The reliability of the products, the quality control on all stages of production, the direct relationship with the end customer, the ability to respond flexibly and quickly to market demands are features that always distinguish us.
Printer Trade thanks to a strong predisposition to Problem Solving in the ICT sector, has developed services of regeneration of entire parks hardware with actions of roll-out machines and furnishing stock swap to reduce the response time. The quality of the finished product is guaranteed by qualified personnel, with quality materials and a manufacturing process consolidated.
Our experience has taught us that customer requirements are manifold and that the quality of the finished product, is only a starting point. Therefore we do not limit our activities to the simple supply of the product, but we strive to understand the needs of customers to assist them in meeting their contracts adapting our offers according to their needs. Our structure is streamlined, flexible and quick response times. All the customers guarantee advice in the preparation of the material and in the search for the best solutions, providing a wide range of value-added services.


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