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Technical Services

Printer Trade was born in the area of Canavese, a region rich in production facilities that, by virtue of Olivetti, have distinguished themselves all over the world for their quality.

The recognition of Ivrea as an Industrial City of the 20th century, as well as, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is a certitude that confirms the industrial aptitude of this territory, capable of involving companies, communities, and innovation in a synergic approach.

We have been operating for over 25 years, repairing, and reconditioning electronic, mechanical, and electromechanical modules, mainly from the Banking, Retail and Office sectors.

Special consideration is dedicated to quality standards thus allowing Printer Trade to satisfy customer requests.

The know-how of our technicians and their analytical skills, allow the customer to verify and assess the reparability of any product submitted to us.

Our logistic support offers customers the possibility to choose the best solution for the management and handling of parts.